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面试英文自我介绍 篇1

I am very happy to introduce myself here.I was born in Liaoning Province.I graduated from Nankai University and majored in International Trade. I like music and reaing books,especially economical books. It is my honor to apply this job. I hope I can realise my dream in our company.Please give me a chance.Thank you very much.

it is my great pleasure to introduce myself.i was born in LIAONING. My major is international trade. I was graduated in Nankai University. My hobby lies in the music and reading, especially like economics.

i am glad that i can take part in this interview and i am sincerely hope that i can join this company to realize my dream. please give my a chance. Thank you.

面试英文自我介绍 篇2

Good morning , ladies and gentlemen.It is my great honor to have thisopportunity to introduce myself. and I hope I could make a good performancetoday, eventually become a member of your school. Now let me introduce myselfplease. I’m a graduate student from _UNIVERSITY . My name is_,_yearsold. , born in _. GuangDong province . My major is English, and I will graduatethis June.

In the past 3 years,I spent most of my time on English studying andpractise. I have a good command of both spoken and written English and pastCET-4 with a ease. Skilled in use of Office 20_, e_cel. My graduate schooltraining combined with my cadet teacher should qualify me for this particularjob.

Although perhaps I’m not the best among the candidates, but with my strongknowledge background and full enthusiasm for education, I am sure I will satisfyyou well.

As a college student, I concentrated on studying modern teachingtechnology. I have acquired enough essential and fundamental knowledge ofEnglish teaching in the past three years. Since September 20_, with greatinterest, I have been doing student cadre for almost each semester and formedgood team-work spirits. It also kindly provided me crucial guidance to analyzeinterpersonal relationship. My teachers and classmates describe me as a reliableand considerate person. Other than my major study, I have master a great skillsin computer operation.

One month as cadet teacher in the March of 20_, not only did i obtainenough first hand e_perience in my field but also gradually realized that thecareer I have chosen is sacred and significant. Therefore, I am determined tobecome a diligent, hardworking, and responsible educator.

面试英文自我介绍 篇3

My name is **, ** University, **, Western China Animation School graduates. I am a lively, cheerful, optimistic boy, several years of university life, I have experienced quite a lot of truly spectacular. As a school animation students, as a student cadre, I am serious and responsible, good work, appreciated by students and teachers recognized; as a new era of youth, I actively participate in social practice and strengthen their own qualification.

In a lot of study and practice, my ability to learn, work, innovation have been greatly improved; but I know that success belongs to the past, the future still need to create, I will do better! Please give me a chance, I will show you my overall quality, and diligent in their work efforts, the development of your organization to do their best.

面试英文自我介绍 篇4

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,

Im ChengXiaXia. Its my great honor to have a self-introduction here. Im a postgraduate from HuNan Agricultural University.

First of all, Id like to talk about my experience. Being an excellent English teacher is my dream. I used to work in the lion king education group as an English teacher. I was glad that I benefited a lot from it. The most important thing is that I learned a new way about how to be a good teacher: just think in the way of students, if I were the students, can I make a better understanding of what I say? After I left this company, I kept on teaching middle school students in another training school. (Under the pressure of examination, they do suffer a lot in their own school. But in my teaching ideology, only help students set their goals and know what they want to be, can they be willing to work hard and overcome difficulties, which will improve their study. Then the confidence is built naturally. They become more willing to study. That is a virtuous circle. )

The second one I want to share is my hobby. Wow, I got lots of hobbies. I like sports a lot. 400-meter run is my speciality in college, as my legs are long enough to run. In my spare time, Im a fan of billiards, too. Its interesting and gentle. I have a lot of fun with my lovely friends. Besides, I keep on studying everyday, as Steve Jobs once said: Stay foolish, stay hungry. Ive always wished that for myself.

Last, I want to say, only you really love something then you will put yourself completely into it and try your best to achieve. I believe I am suitable for this job. I love it, so I can do it well. Mast Education is such an excellent and respectable company and I dream of working here. Thats why I come here to apply for this job. Thank you very much!


面试英文自我介绍 篇5

i’m glad to introduce myself to you. my chinese name is ma lin, but you can call me rock, my english name. i chose rock to be my english name because i want to be as tough as a rock. i was born and raised in guangdong, so i speak both cantonese and mandarin.

i’ll soon graduate from zhongshan university, majoring in accounting. i think you may have interviewed quite a lot of students from our school, so you know this major prepares us for cga and most courses are taught in english. my gpa is 3.6, it ranks number 9 in the 115 students in my grade. and i’ve passed 15 exams in cga, i anticipate i will get the cga qualification in XX.

besides having good academic performance, i was actively involved in student activities. i was in charge of student welfare in my class, and in the student union of our school. i enjoyed this position because what i did was very important to everybody, although it was mostly small details.

i had a three-month internship in guangdong zhengzhong accounting firm. i did the inventory check and helped the accountants to make the auditing reports. my boss was pleased with my performance and he asked me to recommend my classmate to join our team.

kpmg is my dream company. what’s more, i have great interest in joining the tax department as my long term career goal is to be a tax consultant. i wish my dream could come true today. thank you!

面试英文自我介绍 篇6

good morning. it's a pleasure for me present myself. my name is , and i am a candidate for the position of representative.

i am initiatives, conscientious, reonsible, sociable ,adaptable.

during the one and half years working in 3d mould, i developed 7 new customers, and also participated several different tasks, for instance, creating company wet page, composing iso9000 management systems & primary conformity assessment, writing foreign trade document, direct the annual party.

i benefited a lot from this multiple job. firstly, i wrote the iso9000 quality management system and requirements, which helped me to perceive how to carry out and manage a company. secondly, my professional knowledge enhanced a lot because i need to check the process of the project with production dept, quality dept and suppliers. the communication between them helped me to transform my eculative knowledge, which i learned from university, into practical experience. thirdly, after communication & exchange with foreign customers for one and half years, my english ability improved a lot. now i am quite familiar with professional english about manufacture, and i can understand english drawings. last but not least, i turned my article gifts and experience in student union to good account by organizing the annual party and travel which had great success.

of course, as a young person, i know i have my deficiencies, and what’s more, i still have potential to reach. i went to are-time school to learn oversea business and oral english. in order to participate in creating company website, i learn dreamweaver by myself during the are time. after years working and studying, i believe the most important things you need in a job are team irit and reonsibility. with these two things, i will be a valuable person for the company and have a fruitful career life.

面试英文自我介绍 篇7

Hello, everyone. My name is XXX. I'm 18 years old. I have a lot of problems, god knows we will be bound tightly together, ok, you will recognize, destined we are friends! "High profile, low profile people" is my rule, so sometimes I will be small, and I hope you will take care of it. Little girl I have a lively and cheerful personality (humorous children's comity, hehe), have a wide range of hobbies, love to make friends. In four years of college, it is not long or short, we will see each other's decadent or progress, so we will not say anything.

Boy hey, hi everyone, I'm XXX. As a young man, I am as happy as most boys, and basketball (which is not important). I have three no friends, and some people will ask, what's not? It's "not pretentious", "no pretentious", "no grandstanding". I saw these three elements from the bright eyes, and I made a little pat on the back.

As freshmen, we are all blind lambs, or hope to be able to gather firewood, a chopstick can't break, what kind of things. Alas, new students like old friends, want to say is not finished...

面试英文自我介绍 篇8

Good afternoon! Im great honored to meet you here.Now allow me to give a brief self-introduction:

Im *******,26 years old , born in ***** city ,HeNan Province.In year 1996,I entered ********University, majoring in Machincal Designing and Producing. During those 4 yearsstudy,I worked hard and I was always active in various activities . I gained the first scholarship for four times and I joined the Communist Party at the college.After my graduation in June 20xx,I worked in --------company.I got a position in the Technology Department the first year and I was involved in several internet projects, such as the one for College student Recruitment in Henan Province and the one for Computer Center in Mathmatics Department in Zhengzhou University. Owning to my hard work ,I was rewarded the Best Newcomer Prize in the year 20xx. The next year, I was transferred into the Principal Customer Department, responsible for the Developing and strengthening a good relationship between the principal customers and my company .Two major customers, Henan Provincipal Department of Transportation and Henan Provincial Department of Personnel, are under my work. However,with time going on ,the more I experienced, the clearer I realized that Im really interested in the Enterprise Management .I find many enterprises have the problem of an unmatched management to its developing speed . Im eager

to learn more about management and I hope I can study further in this University. So I resigned in August , 20xx and started the way to pursuing my studies. After about half years hard work, Im finally standing before you honorable professors now. Im really excited . Though Ive sacrificed much on my way to pusuing studies, I believe its worthwhile. I believe working hard will finally be repaied .Thank you !

面试英文自我介绍 篇9

good morning. i am glad to be here for this interview. first let me introduce myself. my name is ***, **years old. i com#e from ******,the capital of *******province. i graduated from the ******* department of *****university in **** ,****.in the past *** years i have been prepareing for the postgraduate examination while i have been teaching *****in no.****middle school and i was a head-teacher of a class in junior grade

i am open-minded ,quick in thought and very fond of

i always believe that one will easily lag behind unless he keeps on learning .of course, if i am given a chance to work ****** in this famous corporation,i will stare no effort to master a good com#mand of advance ******.